Atavistic thoughts for a hedonistic age


Enemies here, enemies there, enemies everywhere

Those who think the vile race-traitor Bolsheviks governing China are any better than the West’s are sadly mistaken. The Han suffer from the same indignities foisted upon them by their own kleptocratic elite as those in the West. The only difference is a matter of degree rather than kind. The communists have spent the past six decades attempting to strip away the racial identity of the Han people, the Chinese race, of any meaning. Regurgitating in its wake a mealy mouthed “multi-ethnic” nation that makes no distinction between the Han and the Others as if they were all identical. The Communist Party debases the history of the Han people and in their place praises that of the so-called minorities. Elevating foreign tyrants and savages as “national heroes”. Genghis Khan a “Chinese” hero? Only in the deluded minds of Bolshevist apparatchiks who forget that he and his kind are the parasites of civilization, the detritus of history that had wrought so much devastation against us and impeded the progress of our culture. Such a feat is even more ludicrous than those of the West which has, at worst, merely elevated a mediocre negro communist whore monger into sainthood.

In China, censorship is a double edged sword. It shields the Han race from the quixotic messianic nonsense of the Western elite, but it blinds them to the injustices perpetrated against them as readily as the media in the West. While your censors wield their pens in service of true belief, ours stem from the dictats of frightened old men fearful of the future and what the Han unleashed can achieve. When murderous mohammadens slit the throats of our bretheren, Xinhua is quick to appease. When they violet the honor of our sisters, the People’s daily jumps to deny. When envious primitives burn our livelihoods out of spite of their own failings, the Beijing Even News claims “uneven” economic development. The media in China says much of the hypocracy and failings of the West. Yet it is silent on growing presence of violent drug dealing negros in her cities or the thieving uighurs on our streets.

The aforementioned threats to the peace and security of the Chinese people are also ones the police are all too content to ignore. These shameless criminals operate with impunity in broad daylight while the police simply look the other way. Too much of a hassle to arrest or too dangerous to confront, in either case it makes no difference. Yet when a member of the Han race sheds their timidity to stand up to the predations of crony Capital wedded to State power, well that is one bridge too far. Beatings, shock batons, and arbitrary detentions for all.

The most diabolical crime of all is of course the gospel of the party that preaches population control. Some people, as usual, are more equal than others. The Han are, against their will, being subjected to the same nihilistic war of attrition by their own elites that those in the West are. Race replacement is race replacement, whether it is engineered across the span of the Rio Grande or ever delayed generations, the end results are the same.


What it means to be a counter-revolutionary

The rejection of social pluralism as a desirable end. The rejection of institutional democracy as the singular legitimate representation of popular will. The rejection of the deliberate schism between state and ethnos. The rejection of “law” as the domain of institutions separate and distinct from the People. The rejection of the illegitimacy of violence as an arbiter of Right. The rejection of the contemporary Liberal notions of the fraternity and equality of Peoples. The rejection of the Enlightenment myth that man can improve upon man.

On the border

Though a bugle breaks the crystal air of autumn,
Soldiers, in the look-out, watch at ease today
The spring wind blowing across green graves
And the pale sun setting beyond Liangzhou.
For now, on grey plains done with war,
The border is open to travel again;
And Tartars can no more choose than rivers:
They are running, all of them, toward the south.